My First Playstation Experience

Playstation Experience main photo

The annual Playstation Experience convention hasn't been around for too long. The first PSX was held in Las Vegas in 2014, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Playstation. Last weekend was my first time attending it. It was held at the Anaheim Convention Center, just a few streets down from Disneyland. The convention is presented … Continue reading My First Playstation Experience


Drooling Over LA Brisket

LA Brisket

It's funny how I found out about LA Brisket. I constantly saw an ad for it at the local movie theater before the previews even began. So eventually, I thought, screw it. It looks tasty. I should try it out. And so I drove out to Artesia one night to have it for dinner. The … Continue reading Drooling Over LA Brisket

Game Review: “Life Is Strange: Before the Storm” Episode 1

When I experienced the first Life Is Strange game, I fell in love (and probably ugly-cried during a couple parts). It reminded me of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books that I used to read. The plot had several twists that left my heart aching for the characters that I became attached to. It conditioned me … Continue reading Game Review: “Life Is Strange: Before the Storm” Episode 1