Album Review: Dance Gavin Dance’s “Mothership”

I’ve been waiting for the latest Dance Gavin Dance album to arrive, ever since the video for “Chucky vs. The Giant Tortoise” was released back in August. The small preview was the upcoming album was enough to hype me up.

Once again, I was able to appreciate Tilian Pearson’s clean vocals harmonizing with Jon Mess’ screams in Mothership. The album’s second track “Young Robot” is a testament to how this band’s able to transition from hard-hitting music to something a little more groovy.

Dance Gavin Dance always seems to have a fascination with robots, as evident with their song titles and album arts. “Flossie Dickey Bounce” has some moments that sound almost robotic, like there’s machinery in the background.

Tilian demonstrates his ability to hit high notes in “Deception” when he sings, “I don’t need you anymore.” Guitarist Will Swan also lent some of his vocals to the track “Chocolate Jackalope.”

Dance Gavin Dance’s instrumentals always has a way of making me want to wreck havoc and dance at the same time. Like many of their other albums, I was thoroughly pleased with this release.



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