Final Fantasy XIV FanFest 2016 Day 1 Recap

My day started with leaving at 2:30am to meet up with friends and carpool to Las Vegas. We arrived at our Airbnb house around 8am, and we headed over an hour later. Once the doors opened, the line to get it wasn’t too terrible. I made the mistake of allowing it to fool me that the rest of the convention lines would go as smoothly.

The merchandise area wasn’t set to open until noon, but we all lined up anyway. We had a perfect view of the opening panel, which teased Final Fantasy XIV upcoming 4.0 expansion “Stormblood,” which is set to release in summer 2017. We were treated with a trailer, as well as a powerpoint highlighting upcoming features.

New dungeons, classes, primals and alliance raids were among the several future additions that were announced. However, the loudest reaction was awarded to the announcement for an item inventory expansion.


Near the entrance, a “Meet-Up Wall” was displayed. It listed the different servers on the game and allowed players to write in their in-game names and little notes to the FFXIV community. I noticed a small tribute on the floor, leaning against the wall, and suspected it to be a tribute for a member of the community.

However, on further inspection, I discovered that it was dedicated to Haurchefant- a fictional character that unfortunately met his demise in the storyline.


So back to the story of my friends and I waiting in line for merchandise. The wait was unbearable and took up a large chunk of our time. Our wait ended up being a total of five hours. Many people were disgruntled because the staff decided to cap the line around 2:30/3 p.m., due to how long it took for people to actually arrive at the front to purchase merchandise.


I left the convention with class pins and a new Moogle plushie, to rest and eat back at the house. I still plan to return to the convention tonight, since my friends do not want to miss the concert.

I will continue to post more photos from the convention in the next few days!

Day 2 Recap is now available. You can read it here!


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