Final Fantasy XIV FanFest 2016 Day 2 Recap

First line of business today was to run to the fat chocobo statue line. We arrived early enough that the line wasn’t long yet, but the wait still took a while.

The statue was a lot bigger than I thought it was after seeing photos of it from E3 earlier this year. Each person had a 6 second video recorded, which the FFXIV team will be sending to everyone later.

During the afternoon, a PvP tournament was shown on stage. I’ve personally never done a PvP fight before, so it was interesting to see how they were run. The match that I watched had a black mage in it. I always worried about playing my black mage main in a fight due to her long cast times.


Eventually, my friends and I lined up to do the battle challenge. The challenge was to fight a primal that has never been in the game, and it turned out to be “Proto Ultima.” The fight had three alliances participating in it, which eight people in each alliance. The battle wasn’t as hard as I expected, and we cleared it within the first try.

After the challenge, we all sat down to watch the Live Letter panel. Director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida (aka “Yoshi-P”) answered fan questions and announced many upcoming features coming to the game, including new housing designs.

He also showed off a mount design and costumes that will soon be released. To the delight of the fans, Yoshida told the audience that the FFXIV team is working on a male version of the bunny suit.

While answering questions, Yoshida revealed that players will be able to have members of their squadron join them in dungeon quests. So it would be wise to spend some time leveling and training those squadron members!

Another important reveal in the panel was that in the future, class jobs might affect certain quest branches. So think carefully about what class you want to use for your quests!

The festival concluded with a rock concert. Primal music from the game was performed, and everyone screamed every time a new song started. I was hoping to hear the song from the Shiva fight, but they did not deliver. However, it was amazing to see them perform the other songs. Sephirot’s song was performed twice.

The concert was a perfect way to end the festival, though I wish there was a third day. Hopefully I will be able to attend the next FanFest!

If you want to read about my first day at FanFest, click here!


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