A Taste of Veganism at Crossroads

This past Saturday, I was invited to brunch at Crossroads, a vegan restaurant located on Melrose in Los Angeles. I was nervous to go because I tend to shy away from vegan restaurants. I figured I’d be too picky and not enjoy anything. But I was wrong.

The “Chicken and Waffles” shown in the featured photo (taken by Lisa Romerein) was our first order. Of course, it wasn’t really chicken, but I probably wouldn’t have known if I wasn’t aware it was a vegan plate. It resembled breaded chicken on top of waffles, slathered in maple hot sauce. I helped myself to the dish several times. My whole party enjoyed it and ended up ordering a second serving.

Our second order was the “Kite Hill Cheese Plate” so we could share a finger food. The assorted cheese arrived on a wooden plank, accompanied by almonds, jam and raisins. Several pieces of toast were stacked on the plank so the cheese could be used as spread.

Since we were curious about the “egg” dishes, we chose the “Crossroads Benedict” for our final order. It was amazing. The menu listed its ingredients as herb chickpea panisse, sauteed kale, shitake bacon and tomato hollandaise. They were placed on top of a flat bread.


I wish I had thought to take photos of our dishes before we started eating. Crossroads changed my perspective on vegan restaurants. If the food is as amazing as it was at Crossroads, I am willing to try out other vegan restaurants, despite my love for meat.

Maybe I will visit again the next time I find myself near Melrose. Perhaps I’ll stop by later in the day during my second time there, just to sample the dinner menu.

I also discovered that the restaurant’s owner, Tal Ronnen, released a recipe book for people who want to replicate his creations at home. It is available as a hardcover book and an eBook under the title “Crossroads: Extraordinary Recipes from the Restaurant That Is Reinventing Vegan Cuisine.”

So the next time you find yourself on Melrose in Los Angeles, I recommend stopping by Crossroads for a meal- regardless of whether you’re vegan or not!


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