Desserts at Amara

While venturing around downtown Pasadena on Sunday, I visited Amara for dessert. Amara advertises itself as a cafe with Venezuelan flavors. I was hit by the strong fragrance of chocolate the moment I stepped in, and I automatically headed to the display case with the small box of truffles.

As soon as I exclaimed, “How cute!” out loud, the cashier joked, “Oh, why thank you.” He was referring to himself. From the start, the cafe’s employees set a warm atmosphere, easily cracking a joke to make customers smile.

I ordered the ice cream churro, which is pictured in the featured photo. Each ribbon-shaped churro had a tiny scoop of ice cream placed on it. Chocolate was used as the dipping sauce. It is highly recommended if you crave a decadent treat.

The cafe, naturally, had different types of coffee that I will be sure to try out the next time I visit. Sandwiches and other plates are available for people who want to have an actual meal.

Downtown Pasadena is full of hidden gems for people who want to discover new places to eat. Amara is worth checking out for people with a sweet tooth.


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