Clams at the Big Catch Seafood House

There’s a new seafood restaurant in Alhambra called the Big Catch Seafood House. It is located on Main St. and Garfield Ave., an area that is scattered with many restaurants and bars.

The entree in the featured photo was the Manila Clams. The clams were served in a pot with bacon, cream and potatoes. The dish may seem overwhelming at first sight, but trust me when I say that it is tasty. Mixing the bacon with the clams was a great addition.


I also ordered the New England Clam Chowder. I was surprised when the soup was served with whole clams, and the shells got in the way. I would’ve enjoyed the soup more if I didn’t have to slurp the meat out of the clam shells.


Another dish I tried was their Salmon Truffle Roll. It was my favorite out of all three orders, and I would recommend getting it if you ever have the chance to eat at Big Catch Seafood.

However, heed my warning. If you plan to try out Big Catch Seafood House, be prepared for high prices. Although I forgot the exact menu item, I recall one of the meats costing up to $140.

Big Catch Seafood House would be a nice place to take a date- if you don’t mind being reminded of the club with the loud music bumping around the restaurant. I was lucky enough to be seated near the edge of the restaurant, close to outdoor seating, so the music wasn’t as loud. If you want a nice and quiet dinner, stay away.


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