Holidays at the Disney Parks

It’s that time of the year again when Christmas lights decorate the Disney parks and the it’s a small world dolls sing Christmas carols. I have been absent from the parks for three months, which meant I missed it during the Halloween season. There was no way I would miss the holiday season as well.

I missed dressing up for the Disney parks, so I had to put on my Baymax Minnie Ears, which I bought from ComicGeekOut on Etsy. These ears may not be listed in the shop anymore, but there are others that are worth checking out.


My first destination was the Cove Bar to grab something to eat. It’s located in the Disney California Adventure park. You can grab some alcoholic drinks while eating some finger foods. If the prospect of drinking alcohol at the bar doesn’t lure you in, a beautiful view of the water and Mickey’s Fun Wheel should. I had the Lobster Nachos and the Trio of Tri-Tip Sliders. Each of the three sliders are prepared differently.

cove-bar cove-bar-lobster-nachos img_3330

I never had the chance to watch Frozen Live At The Hyperion, so that was my next destination. Aladdin is one of my top three favorite Disney movies, so I was heartbroken when they took the musical away. However, I admit that I liked the Frozen musical more than I expected. They truly put a lot of detail into the sets and props on stage, and the special effects were impressive.


My favorite part was when they juxtaposed Anna’s and Elsa’s scenes when they were in separate rooms. That alone is enough to check out the musical. Elsa’s voice cracked a few times during “Let It Go,” but honestly, that’s a difficult song to sing. Plus, maybe she was just having an off day?

Regardless, it was a great show. But a small part of me will always miss seeing Aladdin leaping across the stage.

Before leaving California Adventure, I had to admire the Christmas trees around Cars Land. They are innovative with the designs, and take care to match the theme of the land that they’re in.



And since it is that time of the year, I stopped by Disneyland to ride the Nightmare Before Christmasthemed Haunted Mansion ride. The music is much more cheerier during the holidays.

My favorite part of this holiday overlay takes place in the dining room scene. As soon as the buggy enters, you can catch a whiff of the gingerbread house.

A life-sized Sally was added to the ride this year, so I kept an eye out for it. It didn’t show up until near the end of the ride. She can be found leaning against one of the tombstones at the end of the ride.

sally-nightmare-before-christmas  nightmare-before-christmasnightmare-before-christmas-box

My final stops of the night were Hyperspace Mountain and Matterhorn Bobsleds. I actually ran to the bobsleds about two minutes before the park was scheduled to close, so I managed to be one of the last people to ride.

My pass expires in the middle of next month, so hopefully I’ll be able to stop by the parks again one more time before then. But considering that I have been a pass holder for the past four or five years.. I’m most likely renewing again!





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