Visit World 8 for Vintage Video Games

world 8

Okay, I admit it. I originally looked forward to visiting World 8 because I saw a photo of flattened Link from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds painted on the building’s wall.

Unfortunately, that photo was old. Link had been replaced by No Man’s Sky‘s art cover when I arrived at World 8, which is located in Los Angeles. Regardless, that didn’t stop me from entering the store.

world 8

The first thing that caught my eye was the display class full of plushies and figures. Everything inside was for sale. I spotted a few of my favorite characters.

The store also sold fight sticks and video game-themed board games. Tournaments are sometimes held at World 8, so a few TVs were set up in the corner with consoles. You can also ask to play video games there for a time limit- if you’re willing to pay a fee.

World 8 had some of the latest video games for sale, but the main attraction was its selection of retro games. You can find games for the SNES, Dreamcast, Playstation and so on. However, don’t expect the store to carry games for obscure consoles, like the 3DO.

The prices were fair and the staff was friendly. The ones I met seemed to know their games. If you couldn’t find a specific game that you were searching for, the staff was willing to recommend other retro video game stores.

The store’s only downfall was its location. World 8 is a compact store tucked inside Koreatown, so traffic can be harsh at times. Not to mention, its parking lot is tiny! It was difficult trying to maneuver into the lot while another car was trying to leave.

world 8

Nevertheless, if you are around the Los Angeles area and are searching for a vintage video game store, stop by World 8. You can also check out their website and their Twitter for more info!


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