Waffles at Syrup Desserts

syrup desserts

If you’re ever craving sweets while walking around downtown Los Angeles, take a peek at Syrup Desserts. It is located down the street from The Last Bookstore.

Syrup Desserts serves sandwiches, ice cream, crepes and waffles. And if you’re feeling thirsty, the restaurant also has tea.

The restaurant is dim inside, which makes for an intimate and quiet atmosphere. There are many tables for guests who want to sit down. Stairs are located near the rear, which leads to a second floor seating area.

I ordered one of the liege sugar waffles, which is pictured above. The waffle included a scoop of Dutch chocolate ice cream, sliced bananas and Nutella. There is an option to add more ice cream scoops for a price, so I asked for cookies ‘n cream. It was a sugar overload, but it was all worth it.

It happened to be a cold night, so I asked for their chai tea latte with soy milk. I’m a bit picky when it comes to chai tea lattes, but the one at Syrup Desserts was perfect.

Syrup Desserts is located on Spring St. and 6th St. in Los Angeles. Make sure to visit the restaurant for a snack if you’re in the area!



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