Delicious Udon at Yichi Mi

Yichi Mi

Yichi Mi is rated one of the top 10 Best Japanese Restaurants in San Gabriel, according to Yelp. I constantly drove past it whenever I was in the area, so it was about time that I took a peek inside.

I visited the restaurant on a Sunday morning. It wasn’t busy at that time, which permitted me a peaceful lunch. I was also able to order from their lunch menu.

Yichi Mi

Once you sit down at a table, you are served a small plate of Edamame to whet your appetite. Considering how a lot of restaurants require you to order edamame before you receive it, it was nice that Yichi Mi serves the beans to its guests for free.

I’ve been on a ramen kick recently, so I ordered the Beef Fried Udon Lunch Special Plate to change things up a little.

It was served with Miso Soup on the side, which was a little excessive for me since I was already getting soup for the main dish. Everything under the Lunch Special Plate menu comes with miso soup. It also came with a side salad.

The udon came with savory beef brisket, but what I loved most about the dish was the broth. Even after cleaning my bowl of the meat, noodles and vegetables, I had to keep drinking the broth. It was the best soup that I’ve had in a while.

As for the miso and salad- they were alright.

Yichi Mi

In addition, I ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Lunch Combination. It comes with miso soup and rice. The teriyaki chicken was worth trying.

And finally, my meal also consisted of Philadelphia Rolls and Salmon Skin Rolls. I’m a big fan of Philly rolls, so I was bummed that I wasn’t too fond of the ones from Yichi Mi. The salmon skin rolls were too crunchy for my liking, but perhaps others would enjoy the consistency more.

In conclusion, I probably wouldn’t order any sushi when I come back to Yichi Mi. But I definitely will return in the future. I loved the udon so much that I’m determined to go back and order it again. Perhaps next time, I’ll pay more attention to the ingredients so I can imitate it at home. I definitely need to know what’s in the broth.

So if you ever stop by Yichi Mi in San Gabriel, I highly recommend the udon. You won’t regret it!




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