Shin-Sen-Gumi: The Go-To Ramen Place in the OC


When you lack quality ramen restaurants in your area, you have to be willing to travel a little bit if you crave this dish. I know friends in Long Beach who drive over to Fountain Valley just to have ramen at Shin-Sen-Gumi.

Since I was in Orange County, I grabbed lunch at the restaurant on New Year’s Eve. I’ve always remembered the place as being really popular, so I made plans to stop by in the morning. Shin-Sen-Gumi opened at 11 a.m. that day, but even though I arrived 23 minutes after opening, there was already a waiting list! I had to wait until a few groups before me were seated.

I had the opportunity to order from their lunch menu, which basically listed various combinations of their Hakata Ramen with small dishes. Considering how much I usually pay for ramen, the lunch menu was a steal. I ordered the ramen and Spam Musubi combination for only $8.75!  And it was so worth it.


The sauce that they used for the spam musubi was different from others that I’ve tasted in the past. It gave it a sweeter taste than what I was used to.

When you order the ramen, you’re given a piece of paper where you can customize your dish. You can choose what toppings to place inside along with how much oil you want in the broth, among other options.

Aside from wishing that my noodles were a bit thicker, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. The spam musubi was the highlight of my morning, and I wish I could have more.

Whenever you’re near Fountain Valley, make sure to grab some ramen at Shin-Sen-Gumi!


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