Korean BBQ at Little Tokyo

Korea BBQ House

Little Tokyo has always been a popular hang out spot for my friends who are into Jrock and anime. Various shops containing lolita clothing, anime and video game figures, mangas and other Japanese pop culture are scattered throughout the area. You can also find accessories and outfits to complete your cosplays.

But while there are many stores to spend money in, there are just as many eateries to gorge yourself inside. Near Curry House and Orochon Ramen on Onizuka St., I discovered a restaurant called “Korea BBQ House.” And although it lacks a creative title, the restaurant’s food surely makes up for it.

From past experiences at other Korean restaurants, I expected ridiculously high prices for the food. I was surprised to find that the Tri Tip Steak & BBQ Shrimp was only $11.50.  Considering the dish’s price, I wasn’t expecting too much.

I was pleasantly surprised.

The food was served on a turtle-shaped plate, with the meat still frying inside. The aroma was overwhelming.

The shrimp did not disappoint, but the tri tip was what stood out. It was seasoned well, and the meat was tender. It definitely didn’t taste like a cheap steak.

The dish was served with a bowl of rice and a bowl of miso soup. The course was also completed with the same sort of sides that are usually served at Korean restaurants.

I know most people wouldn’t be looking to eat Korean food when they venture around Little Tokyo. But if you are craving steak and don’t want to spend too much money while you’re in the area, give Korea BBQ House a try.



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