6 Albums I Wish Had 10 Year Anniversary Tours

10 year anniversary

In the past few years, bands have been embarking on tours to celebrate 10 year anniversaries of their most notable albums. 2005-2006 was the time when I finally departed from listening to my older brother’s rap and hip hop music, and finding my own identity within a music scene that I soon grew to love.

And because of this, many albums during that time period cemented themselves as some of my favorite albums. I attended many 10 year anniversary tours in the past two years, including The Hush Sound’s Like Vines and Circa Survives’ Juturna. 

But while I was able to relive my teen years in many of these anniversary tours, there were a few albums that I wish were celebrated as well.

Here are six albums of my favorite albums that never got the 10 year anniversary tours that they deserved.


10 year anniversary

All’s Well That Ends Well– Chiodos (2005)

Craig Owens is admittedly one of my favorite vocalists, and Chiodos was the band that made me fall in love with his voice. “Baby, You Wouldn’t Last a Minute on the Creek,” which is on this album, will always be one of Chiodos’ most popular songs. When the 10 year anniversary of this album, named after William Shakespeare’s play, was nearing, I expected an announcement for a tour. But it never came.

It was only recently that the band’s breakup was announced, when Craig Owens started to share his new project badXchannels. Chiodos had been undergoing internal friction before the band members parted ways. It’s probably the reason why the anniversary tour never came to light.

10 year anniversary

All We Know is Falling– Paramore (2005)

Around 2005, I became a Fueled By Ramen head. As in, I obsessed over various bands on this music label. One of he bands happened to be Paramore. I was impressed by this female-fronted band, but I never expected it to blow up as much as it did after their sophomore album Riot! was released.

Now Paramore is well-known, and Hayley Williams’ name is on the tip of many peoples’ tongues when it comes popular band frontwomen in the music scene. But while they have catapulted to the top in the past couple years, my heart will always be with their first album, All We Know is Falling.

10 year anniversary

The City Sleeps in Flames– Scary Kids Scaring Kids (2005)

Scary Kids Scaring Kids is one of the first bands I watched live, and it was the beginning of my venture into heavier music. The drums always pumped me up and made me want to jump into the pit. I attended their farewell concert at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, but I always yearned for a reunion tour when I watched other bands return in the years following it.

Unfortunately, vocalist Tyson Stevens passed away in 2014 due to heroin addiction. Thus, any hopes of a 10 year anniversary tour for The City Sleeps in Flames were distinguished.

10 year anniversary

A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out– Panic! at the Disco (2005)

Remember how I said I was a Fueled By Ramen head? Back then, I discovered Panic! at the Disco after checking out their demos on PureVolume, thanks to Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz’s recommendation. As soon as I heard their music, I knew I had to buy their debut album. A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out had unique music, and I admired ex-bassist Ryan Ross’ lyrics. It was thanks to him that I began to read Chuck Palahniuk’s books, since many songs on the album were inspired by his stories.

Panic! at the Disco has lost all its founding members, except for vocalist Brendon Urie. It has changed its sound over the years. But I will always remember that first album, with its colorful lyrics and cabaret music.

10 year anniversary

The Meaning in Makeup– My American Heart (2005)

Hailing from San Diego, My American Heart was popular among many Filipinos in my area because- well, there were Filipinos in it. They were originally known as No Way Out before changing their name to My American Heart. The band gained popularity in Southern California after playing at many local venues, including Chain Reaction in Anaheim.

The Meaning in Makeup introduced us to songs to dance to, such as “The Process” and “Don’t Sleep.”

10 year anniversary

Something Real– Meg & Dia (2006)

When Myspace was still used by many people, Meg & Dia [Frampton] were some of the artists featured on the login page. Their band was another popular staple among the Asian community in my area. Their shows constantly sold out whenever they came into town. Their sophomore record Something Real captured our hearts with songs such as “Monster” and “Roses.”

Dia Frampton later went on to garner more attention as a runner-up on the NBC music competition show The Voice. Although she is well-known now thanks to the TV show, I will always remember her fondly as one of the girls to storm the stage during Warped Tour. Although the band broke up years ago, it would have been a treat to see them together one more time.

I admit it, I’m a sucker for nostalgia, and I will always hold onto the music that I listened to 10 years ago. There are still more 10 year anniversary tours for albums coming up, including Circa Survive’s On Letting Go and The Early November’s The Mother, The Mechanic, and The Path.

But while I will enjoy attending these concerts, I will forever look back on the albums that didn’t receive an anniversary tour and yearn to see them performed live once last time.


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