Doggie Date at The Dog Cafe

dog cafe

Themed cafes in Japan such as cat cafes, owl cafes and even Final Fantasy XIV cafes have always caught my eye. Since it will probably be a while before I have the chance to visit Japan, I longed to have the same experience in the U.S. Imagine my delight when I discovered The Dog Cafe in Los Angeles.

The cafe allows people to meet and play with dogs. All the dogs are rescued dogs. They are introduced to customers in the hope that people will fall in love with them and adopt them.

Walk-ins are welcome if there is available space, but reservation in advance is recommended. It’s $15 per person for a 55-minute visit to the cafe. A drink from the cafe comes with the reservation.

You are advised to arrive 15 minutes early, to allow enough time to check in and order your drink. I ordered a Chai Tea Latte while waiting for my turn to visit the dogs. There are also merchandise in the waiting area, and all proceeds go to supplies for the dogs.

When it’s time to meet the dogs, visitors are herded into a room next door. Dogs will be roaming around and may sometimes be found sitting on the couches. Visitors are given treats to offer to the dogs. Toys are also scattered everywhere so that people can play with the dogs.

One occupant in the room was Mimi, a 12-year-old German Shepard mix. Although she was not able to run around like the other energetic dogs, she had a fondness for green tennis balls and played with anyone who threw the balls. She had a sweet disposition and captured my heart.

dog cafe

Another was Shrek, a shih-tzu who didn’t mind being picked up and being cuddled. He constantly circled the room to receive attention from each and every guest.

dog cafe

But the one that received the most attention was Rocket, a 5-year-old corgi mix. When I first saw him swaddled in a blanket and cradled by one of the cafe employees, I figured it was only because he wanted to be cuddled. However, when all the dogs were introduced, it was revealed that he had only two front legs.

When Rocket was rescued in Korea, he was missing one back leg. The second back leg was severely injured and had to be amputated to save his life. He was flown to Los Angeles, and now resides with the other rescued dogs in The Dog Cafe.

And although he only had two legs, it didn’t seem to bother Rocket that much. He still had the energy of a four-legged dog and caught me off guard when he perked up and barked at Mimi when she came close.

dog cafe

The 55 minute visit passed by quickly, and I was sad to leave all these precious dogs behind. My own dog back at home doesn’t get along with others, so it would be impossible for me to bring home another one. But I hope that all of them will soon find a loving home.

Are you interested in meeting these dogs? Visit The Dog Cafe website and make a reservation today. The cafe is located in Los Angeles, in the Silver Lake area. Perhaps you’ll be able to provide them with the warm and loving home that they deserve.


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