Rainbow Drinks at Creme & Sugar

Creme & Sugar

Images of a purple drink topped with whipped cream, colorful marshmallows and a rainbow of candy recently popped up on some of my friends’ social media posts. Its blinding colors were enough for me to start investigating. I needed to know what it was, and I needed to try it.

It didn’t take long for me to find out that it was the Unicorn Hot Chocolate, from a coffee and dessert parlour in Anaheim Hills called Crème & Sugar. So I was on my way.

I really should’ve expected the huge line on a Sunday afternoon, especially for a place that is being hyped by so many people. The vibrant decorations and colorful drinks simply remind me of people with pastel hair colors and lolita fashion.

Even with the army of employees crowded at the counter, the wait was still long. But while I stood in line, I glanced at the menu on the wall and noticed that there were both hot chocolate and milkshake versions of the drinks.

Since it was a warm day, I settled on a milkshake. Aside from the Unicorn flavor, the drinks were also offered in Cookie Monster and Circus Animal. I cringed at the sight of various candies piled on top of the Unicorn Milkshakes, including a sour belt. I couldn’t handle the thought of consuming all that sugar. So I turned to the alternatives.

Cookie Monster is a common flavor in other dessert places, so I settled on the Circus Animal Milkshake.

Creme & Sugar

I know, this drink still looks like sugar overload. But trust me when I say it looked tame compared to the Unicorn Milkshake.

So how was it? It was delicious!

The milkshake was topped with whipped cream and circus animal cookies. The drink itself tasted like a sugar cookie. The mason jar was huge, and I was only able to finish half of the drink. If I continued any further, I would have probably hated myself for abusing my body.

Would I recommend it to anyone? Sure. There’s no denying that I liked it- but only in small servings. I’m not too fond of sugary drinks, so this will most likely be a one-time visit for me.

For fans of overly sweet drinks, stop by Creme & Sugar in Anaheim Hills. But please, be kind to your body and don’t consume their sweets too often.


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