8 Podcast Recommendations

While working 8 to 10 hour days, five (or sometimes six) times a week at my job, I listen to countless podcasts on my phone to help pass the time. Within all those hours in a day, it’s no surprise that I’ve barreled through various podcasts. I’m constantly searching for new podcasts to follow.

But as I continue to shift through different podcasts, cringing at irritating hosts and spacing out during boring episodes, I discovered a handful that I enjoy.

Here are the podcasts that I recommend checking out:

IGN Anime Club

IGN Anime Club is one of the podcasts that I’ve been following the longest. I began listening to it at a time when I wanted to get back into watching anime and needed recommendations on which recent series to check out. But its cast with colorful personalities is the reason why I listen to every new episode. The club is currently made up of Meghan Sullivan, Miranda Sanchez, and Michael Mamon of IGN. A fourth host, Kallie Plagge, recently departed from the show after migrating to GameSpot. Along with discussing the latest anime every season, they invite individuals from the industry such as voice actors occasionally to talk about their work. They cover subjects ranging from husbandos/waifus to social issues addressed in anime such as depression. For anime fans, joining this club is a must.

Myths and Legends

Fairy tales, lore and mythology have always been subjects that interested me. In the Myths and Legends podcast, Jason Weiser covers the origins of well-known fairy tales such as AladdinLittle Red Riding Hood and Snow White. You can hear the stories of mythological characters like Hercules and Merlin. Weiser addresses folklore from various cultures, including Korean, Native American, Irish and West African. Each episode also ends with “The Creature of the Week” segment, which briefly discusses a creature from folklore, like the Pukwudgie. This podcast would be perfect for anyone who just wants to listen to some stories.

Remarkable Lives. Tragic Deaths.

I have a fascination with learning about peoples’ lives. Carter Roy and Vanessa Richardson’s Remarkable Lives. Tragic Deaths. covers famous figures from history and pop culture. The podcast satisfies my hunger for knowledge about the incredible lives of prominent people. But like the title suggests, each episode ends with how each person died. Examples of figures that the podcast talks about are John Lennon, Vincent van Gogh (an episode that I highly recommend), Janis Joplin and Amelia Earhart.

Talk Is Jericho

The Greatest of All Time Chris Jericho has his own podcast show. Anyone who has watched him in WCW or WWE can agree that he is one of the most charismatic speakers on the mic. He is known to constantly invent new catchphrases that are echoed by the audience, such as “Welcome to Raw is Jericho.” So it’s no surprise that he would prove to be an entertaining host in Talk Is Jericho. Along with interviews with individuals in the wrestling industry, he also interviews bands and musicians like Cheap Trick. I recommend listening to his recent interview with former wrestler Perry Saturn, who became jobless and homeless after getting addicted to drugs. It was inspiring to hear how Perry fought to pick himself up and become clean after hitting rock bottom.



The title Millennial caught my attention the moment I saw it. But the topics by host Megan Tan were what persuaded me to give this podcast a chance. In the first season, Megan narrates her life of being an unemployed college graduate who is struggling to follow her dream. She records virtually everything in her life, including conversations with other people, and inserts audio clips into each episode, making her podcast more intimate. I admire her courage to completely share her life with her audience honestly. She even shares moments in which her and her boyfriend get into arguments. As a 20-year-old, I was able to relate to many of the subjects discussed in he podcast. The other seasons expand into including other peoples’ stories, including her recent four-part series about life in Cuba.

Match 3

Although Match 3 is now defunct, it’s still a podcast worth listening to. Two of its three hosts are Patrick Klepek and Gita Jackson, who are video game journalists. But the third host is Sam Phillips, who works in the education industry. His discussions on video games and how they affect the children that he works with brings a unique insight that other gaming podcasts lack. The podcast covers social issues as related to games and the gaming industry, such as sexism and the lack of black representation in games. The chemistry between the three hosts make the podcast much more entertaining, and their different points of view make it educational. It’s a shame that it had to come to an end when their careers made it impossible to continue.

Tights and Fights

Unlike the other podcasts I listed, the hosts of Tights and Fights make me cringe sometimes. There are times where Hal Lublin, Danielle Radford and Mike Eagle laugh so hard and are left gasping at things that I just don’t find.. that hilarious. Nevertheless, their weekly commentary on WWE Raw and SmackDown Live episodes make it a worthy listen. They also cover NXT, Luncha Underground and other wrestling-related news every week. They are truly creative with their wrestling references and play on words. One example: they call themselves the “Nation of Conversation,” a play on a former faction on WWE/WWF called the “Nation of Domination.”

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

This is a podcast I’ve began listening to recently, and I like it so far. Each Harry Potter and the Sacred Text episode covers one chapter in the Harry Potter books, in order. Vanessa Zoltan and Casper ter Kuile treat it as a bible study and draws a theme from each chapter to discuss and relate to real life. For example, they talk about loneliness after reading the second chapter (“The Vanishing Glass) of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Another is vulnerability after reading the seventh chapter, “The Sorting Hat.” I’m a big Harry Potter fan, so I enjoy the concept of analyzing each book chapter by chapter. The podcast is currently on the second book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Now that I’ve shared some of my favorite podcasts, what are some of your favorites? I’m running out of new podcasts to explore, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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