Don’t Play “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” Alone

resident evil 7

The last couple installments in the Resident Evil franchise seemed like a departure from the horror survival games that were first introduced by Capcom in 1996. But gamers were captivated by the Silent Hills P.T. that was released in 2014. Gamers thirsted for the first-person horror game, with its disturbing imagery and jump scares. Unfortunately, a fall out between director Hideo Kojima and Konami resulted in the game’s cancellation. And so, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was Capcom’s response.

RE7 utilizes the first-person point of view to immerse the player into the horrors of game. It even gives players the option to use Playstation VR for an even more intense experience. The game prompts the player to dim the brightness enough so that monsters can sneak up unexpectedly from the darkness. Numerous jump scares pepper the game and grisly sights greet the player at every turn.

So why do I say not to play it alone? Easy: because it’s more enjoyable playing it with other people.

I have a group of friends that I constantly watch horror movies with. Whenever a new horror movie catches our attention, it’s time to set a date! Horror movies usually fail to scare me, even with their jump scares. But it’s so fun watching them with my friends because a few of them scare easily. It’s satisfying whenever one of them jumps in their seat or scream out loud.

resident evil 7

And the same applies to playing RE7. Except with this game, I actually do get scared. There’s a difference between watching other characters running around in horror movies and being the character in video games, complete with first-person POV. am responsible for staying alive, and I can only blame myself for any mistakes leading to my death in the game. Sure, it’s “only a game,” but it’s easy to get completely lost in games and get emotionally invested in them while playing. It can get very stressful.

Whenever I play video games, I prefer to play alone. I can’t stand being watched while I play- I get too self-conscious. However, things are different with this game. I’ve been playing it with my boyfriend, and I’m sure he’s getting a kick out of watching me wail as I struggle to stay alive. I jump every time an enemy shoves its face in the screen.

But once I recover from getting scared, there’s always a moment of laughter. And that’s what makes it worth playing with other people around. It’s entertaining seeing people get scared. I could play RE7 alone in the dark and scream out loud by myself. But it’s simply not as fun as sharing the experience with other people.

I thoroughly enjoy this latest installment in the Resident Evil franchise. I welcome Capcom’s decision to return to the horror genre, because I was not interested in RE being an action game. The scare factor was truly amped up in this game. So whenever you have a gathering with friends and want a good laugh over getting scared, pull out a copy of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


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