Spring 2017 Corgi Beach Day

corgi beach day

It seems like every time a corgi beach day is planned, I’m always stuck at work. But I finally made it out to the Spring 2017 So Cal Corgi Beach Day yesterday in Huntington Beach!

It was a gorgeous sunny day with fuzzy peach-shaped corgi bottoms wiggling everywhere. Owners proudly showed off their stubby-legged pups and allowed attendees to pet and pose with the corgis. I had to watch my step as unleashed corgis weaved in and out of the crowds to get to a tennis ball or run towards the ocean. A few other breeds joined the celebration, including golden retrievers, chow chows and bulldogs.

Food trucks lined the sidewalk, and a Nesquik tent handed out free bottles of their chocolate milk. Vendor booths were set up on the beach, selling corgi merchandise and dog-related products. A makeshift photo booth was created to give dog owners a place to pose their canine babies.

But the best part of Corgi Beach Day were the events that were held. The first event was a talent show. The second was a costume contest. The first half of the contest had a “Tiki costume” theme, while the second half was categorized as “Anything Goes.” We were delighted by the creative costumes, including a male owner dressed as Lilo with his corgi dressed as Stitch.

The third event was a Coconut Cupcake-Eating Contest. It’s no surprise that this event had the most entrants. Who would say no to free food, especially for their pups?

Next was my favorite event: the Best Momo contest. Basically, a corgi butt-judging contest. Every entrant was paraded down the walkway as the audience examined each behind for their fullness, how defined they were, and how much they jiggled. Whenever a corgi with a large behind began to walk, everyone would start yelling and cheering loudly.

corgi beach day

It was a shame when Corgi Beach Day finally came to a close. Aside from some technical difficulties with the microphone during the events, it was a successful day. Attendants took their last photos with the corgis at the beach before everyone began to disperse.

If a Corgi Beach Day event is planned near you, I suggest going! Everyone is so friendly, and seeing all those tiny fluffballs running around the beach brings a smile to your face. It’s hard to be in a bad mood at this event!


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