Welcome Back, Hardy Boyz!

hardy boyz

Wrestlemania 33 proved to be a better show than the previous Wrestlemania, with moments like John Cena’s proposal to Nikki Bella and The Undertaker’s retirement. But the return of my favorite tag team of all time, The Hardy Boyz, was the greatest highlight of Wrestlemania 33 for me.

As I’ve mentioned before in WWE Women’s Division: Then & Now, I stopped watching wrestling for over 10 years. The Hardy Boyz were still around when I stepped away from being a WWE fan. And when I returned to the WWE scene years later, the makeup of the tag team division completely changed.

I was aware that they were still around at other promotions. It’s a bit hard to ignore them when Matt Hardy has completely catapulted himself in popularity with his “Broken Matt Hardy” character. And I couldn’t ignore the sight of Jeff Hardy with strange contacts and face paint. But with the amount of time I already spend on WWE and its other shows (NXT, 205 Live, etc.), it was difficult watching other promotions without feeling burnt out every week.

There were always rumors that The Hardy Boyz were going to return to WWE. But as Wrestlemania 33 crept closer, the rumors intensified due to the Hardys’ contract with TNA expiring. And when the Raw Tag Team match for Wrestlemania 33 was changed to a ladder match (the kind of match that made The Hardy Boyz famous), I finally began to realize that their return was a possibility.  I even sent out a tweet.

hardy boyz

When The New Day interrupted the beginning of the ladder match to make an announcement, my heart began to beat fast. I breathed hard and started shaking when they announced that a fourth team was joining the fray.

As soon as the first few seconds of drums began to play for The Hardy Boyz’ entrance song, I literally screamed out loud. And true to my tweet, tears streamed down my face. What can I say, I’m a sucker for nostalgia, and seeing my favorite tag team again made me swell with happiness. Jeff Hardy was my favorite wrestler, and seeing him skip out and dance the way he did so many years ago made me cry even more. The sight of him running underneath the ladder was a blast from the past.

hardy boyz

It was great hearing the “Twist of Fate” and “Swanton Bomb” being called out again. And to award them with the Raw Tag Team titles was a perfect way to welcome them back to WWE.

I know I’m gushing too much, but I was obsessed with The Hardy Boyz when I was younger. I was only in elementary school when they became my favorite tag team- and now I’m in my mid-twenties. In fact, when Jeff mentioned that he is now 39-years-old in a recent interview, it made me realize just how much time had passed. I still remember when he was only 21.

I used to think The Hardy Boyz were the coolest people ever. While my older brother cheered for The Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian, I stayed loyal to Jeff and Matt Hardy. I used to throw up their hand signs and dream of flipping off the ropes just like them. It’s silly, but I also had a fixation on North Carolina at the time, simply because they came from there. Even during a time when the expression, “Why don’t you Google it?” didn’t exist, I tried to find out as much as I could about them on the Internet… possibly through Yahoo or AskJeeves.com?

All in all, I thoroughly pleased that The Hardy Boyz are back in WWE, and I’m forever going to get emotional every time I see them on the screen. I also hope to see them live on Raw when it comes back to Southern California- something I never got a chance to do when I was a little girl. I’m excited to own their T-shirts, since I wasn’t able to buy them when I was younger. I already pre-ordered their shirts that are releasing next month!

So thank you, WWE, for bringing back my favorite tag team. Yeah, I’m such a sucker. And thank you, Hardys, for allowing me to relive my childhood. Welcome back, boys!

Check out the video of The Hardy Boyz’ return below. It was on the front page of YouTube when their return was first reported. As of this post being published, the video has over 11 million views!


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