Hiking in Angeles National Forest

Angeles National Forest

Now that the sun’s out and the flowers are in bloom, it was time to venture out and admire the beauty of nature. Earlier this month, I visited the Angeles National Forest, near Arcadia. It is located in the San Gabriel Mountains.

To access the hiking trails, you’ll have to first drive up winding roads on the side of mountains for a while. I admit, the drive gave me much anxiety due to my fear of heights. Drivers, please be careful. The road is narrow and is full of sharp turns. You can easily get into an accident with pedestrians or other drivers.

Angeles National Forest

At the end of the road, you will find the Chantry Flat Recreation Area. A general store and bathrooms are available for anyone that needs them. There is a grassy area with tables and barbecue grills, perfect for outdoor parties and picnics. So even if you’re not up for a hike, you can still enjoy relaxing underneath the shade of the trees.

But if you’re there to hike, there are several trails you can head through. However, keep in mind that this hike begins with walking down the mountain- which is easy. The return hike is what kills you, especially when you’re already feeling tired. The climb back up is pretty steep, so I would suggest resting a while when you reach the bottom of the mountain.

Angeles National Forest

Luckily, the view at the bottom of the mountain makes it worth staying down there for a while.

The forest will shield you from the sun, so there’s no worry about developing sunburns. The lush greenery is home to many creatures- who knows what animals you’ll encounter during your hike.

Streams run throughout the trails, and you can find both man-made and natural waterfalls in the forest. Swimming in these areas are what makes this hike worth it. If you plan to jump off the cliffs into the bodies of water, please be wary of your safety. Many adventurers have injured themselves in the past.

And as I’ve mentioned before, the return hike up the mountain can be painful if you don’t allow yourself ample time to rest. The Angeles National Forest offers an intense work out with a beautiful view with nature. If you’re ever itching for a hike around the Los Angeles area, try this place out!


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