Visit the OC Night Market this Summer!

oc night market

I eat out way more than I should, but with so many tasty food and drinks to try, I can’t stop myself from indulging in a bit of gluttony. Not surprisingly, I look forward to the night markets during the summer time.

On May 19-21, the OC Night Market made its way to Costa Mesa, where it appears at the OC Fair & Event Center every year. It is the smaller counterpart of the 626 Night Market, which also pops up every summer on various dates in Arcadia.

These outdoor markets have booths and tents occupied by vendors selling art, jewelry, clothes- but most importantly, food. It’s a buffet full of food from different cultures, including Japanese, Korean and Filipino food.

Luckily, I headed there right when doors opened, so I didn’t have to wait too long to get my orders. If you go to the night markets later on in the evening, the lines can be horrendous. Certain booths draw a crowd due to their gimmicks, while others are simply popular due to their famously delicious food.

oc night market

Urban Location

It was a hot day, so my first order of business was to get a refreshing drink. The Urban Location booth caught my eye. Its drinks were stored in giant light bulb-shaped glasses. These light bulb containers seem to be a trend in boba shops- I first noticed it last year at a night market. This was my first time buying one though. I ordered a thai iced tea, and it tasted just right.

You can get stoppers to place on the container, so it can easily be stored in a bag without worry of spill while you venture around the entire night market. Urban Location also handed out flashing light bulb keychains with each other.


My next stop was the Bakudanyai booth for the giant takoyaki. There are different toppings, including curry and kimchi. To be honest, the cute and colorful containers with animals on them were what drew me to them.

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the takoyaki as much as I would like. According to my boyfriend, it just had “too many clashing flavors.” We ended up only finishing half of it. Perhaps we should’ve stuck with the regular takoyaki booths.

oc night market

Flavour Fusions

Since my boyfriend doesn’t drink thai tea, we had to circle around the market until he settled on something that would get him through the heat. He chose a Mango Tango Italian Soda from Flavour Fusions.

While I’m not a fan of Italian soda, its gorgeous presentation with the fruits on top tempted me to taste it. If more Italian sodas tasted like that one, I would probably order it more. This Mango Tango gets a thumbs up from me!

oc night market

Lucky Ball Korean BBQ

There was one thing my boyfriend and I agreed on: we needed meat. Thus, we visited a booth that had “Korean B.B.Q.” written in big white letters. We bought beef and pork skewers from Lucky Ball Korean BBQ.

The raw meat skewers were grilled right next to the booth, so you knew that you were getting your food fresh off the grill. I ate the beef skewer- and I wished I had gotten more than one!

oc night marketThe Milky Way

Next time were desserts. I got a MaMatcha Ice Cream Taco from The Milky Way. As the name suggests, matcha ice cream was placed inside a waffle taco shell. It was topped with Oreo cookie crumbs and a Hello Panda cracker.

It tasted good. Nothing too special, aside from its appearance.

oc night market

The Naughty Churro

As if to one-up me, my boyfriend had to get his own ice cream treat. He bought a churro ice cream from The Naughty Churro. He chose cookies & cream ice cream with chocolate syrup and Oreo cookie chunks. He also slathered it with Nutella. Talk about chocolate overload!

My heart hurt just looking at how much sugar it was composed of- even I have my limits. I took a few bites of it, and it tasted so good! I think I would’ve hated myself if I ate anymore of it though.

Regrettably, I couldn’t fit anything more in my stomach after all of that. There are so many more things I wanted to taste, but I didn’t want to explode. I hope to attend another night market this summer. I’m ready for round 2!

The OC Night Market will be at the OC Fair & Event Center again this year on June 16-18 and August 25-27, so you’ll have a chance to go if you haven’t already. The 626 Night Market will also be popping up in the next few months if you live closer to Arcadia.

Don’t miss out this summer!



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