Sanrio Sweets at the Hello Kitty Cafe

hello kitty cafe

The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck has been making its rounds throughout the country and a pop up container has been making its residence at the Irvine Spectrum Center this past year. Since I lack the same passion for Hello Kitty that many people hold (I’m more of a Pochacco girl), I never felt compelled to make the drive out there.

However, a permanent Hello Kitty Mini Cafe was recently opened at the Westfield Santa Anita Mall, located in Arcadia. While I was shopping there last week, I remembered the cafe and searched for it. It stood out on the first floor, in all its pink glory.

Although I’ve always heard about the long lines surrounding the cafe, it was empty during my visit. Perhaps because it was early on a weekday, when most people are at work or school?

When my boyfriend and I approached the cashier, we asked what she was drinking in her Hello Kitty cup. She said she was drinking the Blackberry Mint Lemonade, but with half the sugar of the original drink. She added that she couldn’t handle how sweet the drink truly was and warned us that the drinks had way too much sugar.

hello kitty cafe

I should’ve heeded her warning. My boyfriend ordered the same drink that she had, while I tried the Peach Iced Tea. While I do have a sweet tooth, I do agree that the drink had way too much sugar. I would recommend ordering their drinks because they’re tasty- but please be kind to your body and ask for less sugar.

Since I don’t visit the Santa Anita Mall often, I figured I’d pair my drink with one of the Hello Kitty Cafe desserts. I settled on Mama’s Apple Pie. Thankfully, it was a tiny pie, so I didn’t have to feel as guilty ordering it. And the pie was delicious. It also came in a cute little box and paper bag. If you happen to receive them, I would suggest saving them to use as packaging for a future present to someone.

hello kitty cafe

Despite the sugar overload at the Hello Kitty Mini Cafe, I highly recommend stopping by if you happen to be at the Santa Anita Mall. Many people would kill to try it out, so you might as well take advantage of it!

And if you’re looking to have a full meal during your visit at the Santa Anita Mall, you can also grab dumplings at Din Tai Fung!


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