Solving the “Trials of Bahamut” Escape Game

trials of bahamut

The early access for the Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood expansion finally went live last weekend. And to coincide with its release, a FFXIV-themed escape game was launched in Los Angeles. The Trials of Bahamut was a Real Escape Game, which was created by SCRAP Entertainment.

I’ve always wanted to try one of the Real Escape Games that occurred in LA, so of course I was willing to attend a FFXIV-themed one with my friends. It was the closest thing for me to experience playing FFXIV in real life, after enjoying the MMO these past two years.

The point of the game is to team up and solve puzzles and riddles. Yes, even figuring out lock combinations was involved. It is up to your team to gather the items needed to defeat the primal Bahamut at the end of the game. It can be very stressful because you only get 60 minutes to solve the entire game, and most of the teams aren’t successful.

The game required a party of six people. If you don’t have enough for a party, do not worry. They pair up teams that aren’t fully formed at the event. Once you have a party of six, you are instructed to choose a class out of the six available. The classes were Paladin, Thief, Bard, White Mage, Black Mage and Ranger. I admit that I was a little bothered by the choices, since some of them weren’t even available in FFXIV.

trails of bahamut

Anyone who knew me well knew I would pick the Black Mage, haha!

After everyone chose their class, they were each given three abilities cards. Every ability was specific to one class. A description was provided at the bottom of each card so you’d know what the skill was used for. For the sake of not giving away any solutions, I can’t specifically get into what the trials were. But sometimes the use of your skills was required to proceed.

Honestly, since it was my first escape game, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t have high expectations because I heard that The Legend of Zelda one was disappointing. But I had a blast throughout the whole experience. It was challenging and required a lot of thinking outside the box. The riddles and puzzles were quite clever.

So how did my friends and I do? The good news was, we solved the entire game. The bad news was, we only solved it with 10 seconds left to run to the final character we had to turn everything to after we received the final piece of the puzzle. Needless to say, we weren’t fast enough, because it required us to run into a different room. Imagine our disappointment when we were a mere seconds away from turning it in when the timer ran out.

trials of bahamut group

All in all, the escape game was a blast. I’m still bummed that we only solved it with a few seconds to spare, so we weren’t able to “officially” declare that we won. Regardless, I’m proud of my party’s cleverness and ability to work together to figure everything out. If the other escape games are this fun, I’m down to participate in more!

Trials of Bahamut will be touring around the country, and you can find the dates and tickets on their website. It will be returning in LA again soon during Anime Expo as well. If you play Final Fantasy XIV or enjoy the Final Fantasy franchise in general, I would highly recommend going!



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