Anime Expo 2017 Recap

anime expo 2017

So after the horrible mess that was Day 1 at Anime Expo, I enjoyed the rest of the convention. It was great hanging out with friends. I even got to spend time with a long-time online friend that lives all the way in New Jersey!

I got to cosplay with my boyfriend for three out of the four days at the convention. On the first day, we pulled out our Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma cosplay, which we also wore for Anime Los Angeles earlier this year. He cosplayed Soma Yukihara while I cosplayed Megumi Tadokoro.

I also met someone cosplaying Satoshi Isshiki. She was so psyched to meet a fellow Shokugeki cosplayer. She was so nice, and she even asked to take photos of me. If you want to see her photography, check her out on Instagram @camizzleful_photography.

anime expo 2017

On Day 2, my boyfriend and I did a Digimon Adventure tri cosplay. Bless him for agreeing to cosplay my childhood husbando, Yamato Ishida, since he doesn’t even watching Digimon. Of course, I had to be Yamato’s crush/future wife Sora Takenouchi.

My long-time friend “Remcreate” did a photoshoot with us using the sets in the Entertainment Hall. You can check out his photography page here. Considering he only started doing cosplay photography this year, his skills are quite impressive! Some of the shots he took of us are below.

Day 3 was my final day cosplaying with my boyfriend. We cosplayed Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, with him as Nozaki Umetaro and me as Chiyo Sakura. Surprisingly, out of the three cosplays we did together, this was the pair that got the most people gushing about how “cute” we were. I thought it would’ve been the least recognizable one out of all three!

On the last day, I solo’d as Ellie from The Last of Us. After dying in the heat during the first three days in heels and wigs, being Ellie was a relief. I honestly didn’t expect to be approached for photos as Ellie since it’s such a plain cosplay. Not to mention, I didn’t really like my makeup that day. But @5thvecino was among those who stopped me for a photo.

anime expo 2017

I wish I could’ve done more with that cosplay. It would’ve been cool to have some night shots with it. Running into someone cosplaying a clicker or something else from The Last of Us would’ve been cool too.

Dangitsdon asked to take a video of me stealthing around the convention, like the game. I had fun doing that, and I can’t wait to see the video on YouTube! He has videos from previous conventions on his YouTube account.

All in all, I enjoyed Anime Expo 2017. However, out of all the previous years that I’ve gone, it was my worst experience. But I look forward to badges being mailed next year. We no longer have to deal with lining up for badge pickup. Hopefully next year will be the best one yet!


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