Admire the Fashion of “American Horror Story”

american horror story

American Horror Story is an anthology spanning through 7 seasons, with an 8th one coming next year. It is filled with grotesque and shocking images, and sometimes borrows elements from true events.

american horror storyThe Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills is holding an American Horror Story: The Style of Scare exhibit until August 13th. And the best part is, it’s free!

The fashion from every season is displayed throughout the two floors of the building. As a huge fan of the fashion in the third season, Coven, I had to make a trip out there. I even dressed for the occasion- wearing all black and a floppy hat to be in my coven-best.

It was a small exhibit, so don’t expect to spend more than 20 minutes in there. Nevertheless, it was worth visiting. Regular outfits like the nuns’ dress from Asylum and Elsa Mars’ circus attire from Freak Show were on display. But the exhibit also included some of the creepy characters, like Rubber Man from Murder House and Twisty the Clown from Freak Show. A replica of Lady Gaga’s head was also a part of the exhibit. She starred as The Countess of Hotel Cortez in the Hotel season.

The creepy atmosphere of the exhibit was supplemented by monitors strewn across the floors. Each monitor featured bizarre images that related to one of the seasons. And for the visitors who are looking for photo ops, there are a few sets that you can pose in front of.

So if you’re an American Horror Story fan, plan a visit to this exhibit. The American Horror Story: The Style of Scare exhibit won’t be here for long. Visit the website to learn more about it.



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