Rolled Ice Cream at Supcreme

supcreme rolled ice cream

Rolled ice cream is one of many desserts with a lot of hype today. I heard of a pop-up shop called Supcreme in Alahambra, located inside Our Times Cafe. There was a small counter off to the side where all the magic happened.

There were several flavors available, but you also had the choice to create your own. I ordered the Nutella and Banana flavor, while my boyfriend settled on the Cap’n Crunch flavor. The ice creams were made fresh. I was able to observe our server mix a glob of Nutella and a sliced banana with condensed milk.

supcreme rolled ice cream

Each cup comes with four toppings of your choice. I picked out the chocolate waffle sticks and graham cracker. The server was also nice enough to decorate mine with a cute blue umbrella. The ice cream cost $7, but the taste made it worth the price!

However, what made this pop-up shop stand out above all the other rolled ice cream places was our server. I regret not getting his name, otherwise I would’ve given him a shout out.

If you happen to stop by while there are other customers, you might have to wait a while for your turn. There was only one person manning the station. But despite that inconvenience, the server was one of the friendliest people I’ve encountered in a long time. Throughout the entire time he was making the ice cream, he spoke to his customers and was extremely informative about the product he was selling. He had a warm aura that caused me to instantly like him. It was obvious that he was very passionate about what he did. He was a perfectionist with each serving that he made.

And once he handed the rolled ice cream over, he encouraged his customers to sit down and enjoy his creations. He didn’t require anyone to pay until after they were done eating- unless, of course, the ice cream was a “to-go” order.

After we finished our ice cream, my boyfriend and I paid (and tipped) him. But when we were outside and were walking back home, we heard our server call out after us. As we turned, we watched him run over to us. He handed both of us a toasted marshmellow on a stick to enjoy as we left. It caught us off guard, and it caused us to warm (no pun intended) towards him even more.

If you ever find yourself in Alhambra with a craving for something cool in this summer heat, please stop by Supcreme. Since it is a pop-up shop, I’m not sure how long it will be in the area, so don’t delay!


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