Drooling Over LA Brisket

LA Brisket

It's funny how I found out about LA Brisket. I constantly saw an ad for it at the local movie theater before the previews even began. So eventually, I thought, screw it. It looks tasty. I should try it out. And so I drove out to Artesia one night to have it for dinner. The … Continue reading Drooling Over LA Brisket


Gudetama Craze at Curry House

gudetama curry house

Wow! I haven't written here in a while. My new job that started last month has been taking all my time and energy away. However, one perk of where I work is that it's near one of my favorite restaurants, Curry House. I'm a sucker for their Chicken Breast Katsu Curry. But lately it has been … Continue reading Gudetama Craze at Curry House