Anime Expo 2017 Recap

anime expo 2017

So after the horrible mess that was Day 1 at Anime Expo, I enjoyed the rest of the convention. It was great hanging out with friends. I even got to spend time with a long-time online friend that lives all the way in New Jersey! I got to cosplay with my boyfriend for three out of … Continue reading Anime Expo 2017 Recap


Dying at Anime Expo 2017 aka “LineCon 2017”

anime expo 2017

I have a love/hate relationship with Anime Expo, and this year wasn't any different. It's one of the biggest anime conventions, which means it's the one con where I'll see many of my friends. However, that also means having to navigate through overly-crowded halls and excruciatingly long lines. Admittedly, I usually spend most of Anime Expo … Continue reading Dying at Anime Expo 2017 aka “LineCon 2017”