Netflix Original “GLOW” Review

glow netflix

When I first heard about the upcoming release of GLOW on Netflix, I cringed. In the past two years, I've become invested in the evolution of the women's division on WWE (see my post about the Women's Revolution here). The amount of respect that those female wrestlers have garnered in the past few years made me proud. And … Continue reading Netflix Original “GLOW” Review


Welcome Back, Hardy Boyz!

hardy boyz

Wrestlemania 33 proved to be a better show than the previous Wrestlemania, with moments like John Cena's proposal to Nikki Bella and The Undertaker's retirement. But the return of my favorite tag team of all time, The Hardy Boyz, was the greatest highlight of Wrestlemania 33 for me. As I've mentioned before in WWE Women’s Division: Then & … Continue reading Welcome Back, Hardy Boyz!